Welcome to “Sha’ar Breslov”



Welcome to the “Sha’ar Breslov” (Gateway to Breslov) Website.

“Sha’ar Breslov” is bound to become the most central and biggest website on Breslov Chassidut in several languages including Hebrew, English, French and Spanish.

“Sha’ar Breslov” will provide you with information on practically every item and subject connected to Breslov Chassidut.

The Website is currently under construction. Your patience as we complete this site is greatly appreciated. Please enjoy – for now – the material presently provided.


Welcome to our site.


“Sha’ar Breslov” (Gateway to Breslov) is the most biggest and informative site on Breslov Chassidut to be found on the Web for those seeking the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov and the  Breslover Chassidim themselves.

The final outline and goal of this website is to include:

  • historical and personal information about Rebbe Nachman, his students and his followers up to the present day
  • information about travelling to Uman (the Ukranian town where Rebbe Nachman is buried) and the purpose of this journey
  • updated information about classes given on Breslov Chassidut throughout the world, including info on Breslov synagogues and centers worldwide
  • a wide variety of pictures and photos of and about the Breslov Chassidic movement from the past and present
  • index and links to all other Breslov websites

Aside from all the above the site will also include

  • hundreds of audio and visual classes
  • tens of discourses discussing the foundations of Chassidut
  • discourses and teachings on the holidays and festivals along with “Parashah Sheets” on the weekly Torah reading
  • a golden opportunity to address any questions you have about Breslov Chassidut to a number of present-day Breslover leaders

The site will also include an “online shop” where you could purchase all Breslov books (in all languages available) and music albums at a reasonable price.

The building of this website is already in full-swing, and it is our hope that it will be completed in the very near future.


Our staff and editors would be just happy and grateful to receive any relevant material fit for public consumption on this Breslov Website such as:

  • songs (without any copyright prohibitions)
  • articles
  • audio classes
  • video clips
  • photos


All material can be sent to our e-mail address: editor@breslev.org